Monday, May 8, 2017

RETRO PUPPET MASTER (1999) Blu-ray on the way from FULL MOON!


Label: Full Moon Features
Rating: PG-13
Region Code: Region-FREE
Duration: 90 Minutes 
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 Surround
Video: 1080p HD Widescreen 
Director: David DeCoteau
Cast: Greg Sestero, Brigitta Dau, Stephen Blackehart, Jack Donner, Guy Rolfe

The Legacy Begins...

Get ready for the seventh spellbinding entry in Full Moon's iconic Puppet Master series: Retro Puppet Master! Directed by insanely prolific genre legend David DeCoteau (Puppet Master III, Creepozoids) and produced by Charles Band (Puppet Master, Hideous!), Retro Puppet Master dials back the clock, serving as both a thrilling prequel to Puppet Master III and as one of the most unique, evocative films in the franchise.

Actor and author Greg Sestero (The Room) stars as the young Andre Toulon, living a peaceful life as a puppeteer in pre-World War I Paris and courting the lovely Ilsa, the Swiss ambassador's beautiful young daughter. But the strings of fate that guide Toulon's destiny are about to pull him into an unexpected direction after he encounters the renegade sorcerer Afzel, who has stolen the mysterious secrets of life from the dark god Sutekh. When Sutekh's sinister servants arrive, and make Ilsa a part of their diabolical plans, it's up to Toulon and his army of custom made puppets to stop them at any cost!

Featuring the final appearance of actor Guy Rolfe as the elder Toulon and boasting  rich production values, a fine score by John Massari and a much stronger emphasis on human drama, Retro Puppet Master is a trip back in time with a very different pack of puppets. Full Moon is proud to premiere this picture on Blu-ray completely remastered from the original 35mm camera negative.


- New director’s commentary with director David DeCoteau & actor Greg Sister
-2 hours of rare behind-the-scenes footage with optional Director’s commentary
- Original Videozone
- Full Moon Trailers

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